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Is It Normal For A 3 Year Kid Old Not Able To Speak?

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

A toddler's early years are full of excitement as they learn to talk and achieving other developmental milestones. As a parent or carer we love to see our toddler while achieving their age milestones.

When it comes to speech development in a toddler, there are some milestones of development that kids should reach by a particular age. e.g., children who are two years old should be able to construct 2-word phrases and should be able to use about 50 words. But always keep in mind that every child is different from each other, so this applies to their development and growth too. Each child develops at their own rate; some kids start talking a bit later than others. 


It can be a little frightening for parents to imagine their 3 years old child not reaching developmental milestones. Many question begin rise in mind like, Does their something wrong with your 3 year old kiddo development? Does he/she facing developmental delays? What to do now? Relax! A speech delay in your kid doesn't always indicate an illness. You might merely have a slow talker who will soon start talk nonstop. But correct knowledge help you to spot delays and reason behind it. So let's talk about developmental milestones up to age 3.

Developmental Milestones of 3 year child


The average 3-year-old baby can:

  • use around 1,000 words

  • address others by their name and themselves by name

  • make use of three- and four-word lines that contain nouns, verbs, and adjectives.

  • ask questions by making observation

  • Sing a song, recite a nursery rhyme, or narrate a story.

  • They should be start speaking with much more clarity and being more understandable to others.

If your child is not able to achieve these milestones, then there might be some issue with their development. You should opt for a developmental assessment with a professional.

Causes behind 3 year old kid not able to speak:

If your three-year-old isn't communicating or not able to achieve developmental milestones, there could be one or several causes behind it. These are the reasons may behind the speech delay:

  • An oral problem condition known as tongue-tie.

  • ASD (Autism spectrum disorder) may cause in speech and language issues. But before making any perspective we should check other symptoms of autism.

  • Speech can be impacted by hearing issues as well.

  • Genetic issue may also impact growth of a toddler.

  • Surrounding around the children is also affect the speech and language of a child. So environment factor may be behind it.

Steps you can take as a parent for improvement:


If you notice that in your 3 year old kid not able to speak according to milestones, then you can follow these activities to help them achieve age milestones:

  • Talking to them with undivided attention.

  • Have patience when your child tries to communicate with you.

  • Interact with your child, even if it's simply to describe what you're engaged in.

  • Your child's communication skills are likely to benefit from your reading. So read aloud to them.

  • Repeat the correct words in front of the child.

  • Allow your toddler to play with other kids.


Sometimes a delay in speech is normal and could be treated at home by changing routines, but if the problem remains the same, then the child may need proper treatment. As a parent, it is important to recognise when your child is struggling to achieve milestones and take the right steps to help them. Remember that every child is unique and may require different approaches, but with love and support, you can help your child overcome any obstacles they may face.

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