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Help Your Child Grow Well With Autism

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

As we know today's mostly children suffer from autism, as we discussed in our previous blogs. Autism is a kind of disease that is observed in children in which your child is socially inactive or not able to connect with other people around them, children can't speak properly as compared to children of the same ages or there are many other symptoms of ASD. There is a slow or no development in early age milestones.

If you've recently come across that your child has or is susceptible to autism spectrum disorder, you're unquestionably wondering and worried about what's next. A diagnosis of ASD can be frightening for parents. You may be hard to determine ways to effectively help your kid, or you can feel perplexed by contradicting lots of therapy recommendations.


Even, you may have been told that Autism disorder is an not curable, it will going to lifelong with your child, and it will leaving you fretting that nothing will get better. This is true that autism is not curable or you can just manage it but as a parent you can do many things for your child to help them in overcome their challenges.

10 Interoception activities can done with kids for better growth:

Interoception help kids in understanding & feeling what is happening inside their bodies.


YOGA: Yoga provides a calming atmosphere, allowing children to slow down. Yoga for the Autism spectrum reduces difficult emotions for autistic children and helpful in reducing anxiety. It is directly impact on mood and behavior of child. Try to involve children in simple yoga posses & breathing exercises with the use of visual games, repetition & fun motivating activities.

MINDFULLNESS: The practice of quieting the mind is known as mindfulness. It is a practice of paying attention to the present moment and improving concentration. It also improves the parent, child relationship by reducing parental stress.

6 mindfulness practices are :

Bell listening exercise

Bedtime mindfulness

Mindful walk

Mindful breathing & meditation

Sole of feet

Glitter jar

EMOTION MACHINE GAME : Children suffer from autism face challenging of detecting & expressing emotions i.e its hard for them to recognize emotions like happiness & sadness . The paper propose a spoken instructive game taking advantage of AI strategies to assist youngster with ASD to comprehend how to distinguish & communicate feeling accurately & express emotions.

BREATHING EXERCISE : Deep breathing exercise is helpful to reduce stress level. Symptoms can include holding playing with their breadth irregular & fast breathing.

SOCIAL STORIES : This is the method of communication between the autism children with their parents social experiences . Social stories shows with pictures & words that shows & tell what happen & what is expected.

TEMPERATURE ACTIVITIES : Temperature also effect the autism children . The children not adopt easily a change in temprature and environment. You can teach by playing some game to differentiate in hot and cold.


HOW EMOTION FEEL : All unpleasant emotion are anger, children cant recognize when they are excited. Autistic children & teenager experience a range of emotions they could require backing to perceive , comprehend & deal with their feeling.

HEAVY WORK ACTIVITIES : Any activity that pushes or pull against the body . Weighty work help to awaken the body & target propriception , it can also called body mindfulness.


ALERTING ACTIVITIES : Alerting input in form of fast movement , spinning or swinging can be alerting the body . The children love to dance & it is good for heart pumping.

VISUAL PROMPTS & CUES : They give children sense & allow them to make choices & needs.


Main thing is that you need to be consistent and motivated all time and it is essential to take care of yourself when caring for an autistic child. Being emotionally strong enables you to perform as the best parent you can be to your special needs child. These parenting tips might make living with an autistic child simpler. If you are still suffering, you might hire a parent adviser to guide and assist you in accomplishing your goals.

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