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Journey of Parenthood

My this journey began in February 2016, when my twin A (son) got Mumps just after 10 days of MMR1 and my twin B (daughter) was not having any issues. I rushed to hospital and had very hot talks with doctor after which the doctor admits that sometimes this happens and vaccinations are not tested before injecting in kids. After some days mumps vanish with medicines and antibiotics, but the real struggle started then when my son who was just 12 months old, he stopped responding on his name, sitting at one place, throwing toys on the floor and playing with the wheels of the toy cars. Also he was not able to speak the basic words like Hi, Bye, Papa, Mamma, Dadda. He used to get frequently cold and cough. I used to run to the specialized doctor for his developmental and speech delay. Doctors tried to put him on heavy dose of MIRALIX as almost all doctors diagnosed him with mild AUTISM.


I got alarmed at that stage and then my journey of Solicitude Parenting started. I started working on his leaked gut and by god's grace and with my own instincts I cured my child within 8 months. After that I started helping and guiding the parents whose kids were having similar kind of issues. With almost 80% positive results over the past 5.8 years working with parents, I've worked with more than 500 parents. I do online consultation for parents across globe and giving training to Parents and caregiver for therapies required for child .


About Me

MSME Certified - UDYAM-KR-03-0056626

Ritu Jain is a Generation Z Parenting Advisor and influencer.


She has been featured in many parenting Group of Facebook lives and online videos on Speech Delay, Autism awareness, ADHD, Mindful parenting and been associated with India's leading brand BABYCHAKRA as parenting Expert to discuss on Speech delay, how to control screen time, Autism and how to help child at home by giving speech therapy online counseling . 

Currently providing online consultation with parents in India, Dallas, San Francisco, California, Ohio, New York, Netherlands, Edinburg, London, Dubai, Riyadh, Canada, Uganda, Italy, Johannesburg, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt and a few Asian countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia .

Awards and Recognition 
Incubated by Womennovator
1000 Women of Asia Award 2021 In Womennovator Virtual Global summit 2021
Incubated from Womennovator
Trade Mark
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