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How To Detox The Body After A Festival

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

On this festive eve of Diwali, we all had a great time tasting delicious rich food filled with ghee and oils with our families and friends. Now it's time to wear off this heavy time on our digestive system before it takes a toll on our body. 

Detoxing the body after a festival will help to restore balance and good health. Read the blog article below to find out how you can do a short detox after your feast!

What is detoxification?

Detoxification is a method to cleanse all the toxins i.e, impurities piled up inside the body. There are several methods like fasting and dieting which cleanse the entire body system.

How to Detox the body after the festival?

It is important to monitor what you eat after a festival. Following are some tips you can follow to detox your body.

  1. Try to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Avoid processed foods, sugary drinks and excessive amounts of caffeine.

  2. Drink plenty of water throughout the day and try to keep you hydrated.

  3. Start your day with one glass of lemon juice.

  4. Prefer steamed and boiled food instead of carbohydrates and starchy foods.

  5. Skip foods with preservatives and foods with high sodium or sugars.

  6. Eat healthy food instead of skipping meals.

  7. Give your body the required rest. Good sleep brings a huge impact.

  8. Always remember to add exercise to your routine.

  9. Fill yourself with fresh vegetable and fruit juices.

Here are a few detox drinks which you can easily prepare at home after the festivity of Diwali vacation.

  • To make fruit-flavored water, add a few slices of fruit to a bottle of water. Leave it for some moment before consumption.

  • Prepare lemon and ginger water in the morning. Cucumber is another very good detox vegetable. Make cucumber and lemon water.

  • Consuming apple slices along with Apple cider is very good for detox.

Finally, remember that detoxing is not an excuse to binge eat unhealthy foods! Choose your food wisely and stay healthy.

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