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This Diwali Know How To Deal With Sensory Overload In Kids With Special Needs

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

We know Diwali is on the corner, a festivity filled with lights, a variety of designer diyas, colorful fireworks, and numerous sweets. Especially for this day, the children are eagerly waiting and preparing for this day for fun and celebration.


As we know, most schools and parents are being self-aware nowadays of the effects of

crackers on animals and the environment. They are spreading awareness on celebrating

cracker-free Diwali. Meanwhile, Diwali is a stressful situation for the parents of sensory-

overloaded kids. It's a high priority to spread awareness of how we can be sensitive toward these kids during this eve.

What is Sensory overload condition?


Sensory overload is a condition that can be caused by a variety of stimuli, including bright lights, loud sounds, and strong smells. It is common in people with autism and other sensory processing disorders. Exposure to sudden startling noises like vehicle honking, or a minute sudden screeching sound, startles the kids with Sensory overload. It can cause a child to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and panicked. You can see a painful panic moment in them like screaming closing their ears and running all around or bumping over objects and people. In extreme cases, it can lead to a meltdown.

As a Parent what can you do?


As a parent, before Diwali, first prepare your child with the schedule on eve of the day when sensory triggers are highly probable to occur. For example, the diet followed that day other than the routine consumption of food, the visual changes like lighting, lanterns, or any other thing which is not found in regular days etc. Secondly, find out the type of fireworks that overwhelms your child. Provide a safe space for your child to retreat in a quiet room with dim lighting and no loud noises. Lastly, most importantly, voice the discomfort your child faces during this period to your surrounding neighbors requesting to be gentle with the kind of celebrations that leads to stressful moment for your child.

Finally, as responsible individuals, this Diwali, we can gift comfort to those kids who might live next door to our house by being a little more gentle by avoiding loud blasts and shrieking loudspeakers.

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