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7 Benefits Of Vegan Kefir Water Drink

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Live bacteria called probiotics are meant to improve one's health when consumed. They can be found in curd and other dairy-based foods, but many individuals cannot handle dairy due to health concerns. With the aid of kefir water, they can still receive the health advantages of probiotics without consuming dairy products. It is completely natural, secure, and loaded with probiotics and health advantages. The best part is that it is vegan delicious drink and simple to make at home!


Health benefits of Kefir water's:

  1. Probiotics in kefir boost good bacteria and improve gut health: Water kefir is also good for the microbiota, the little bacteria that reside in our gut and maintain its health. But some processed food products and lifestyle choices could cause problems with this microbiota, resulting in abdominal discomfort, constipation, heartburn, and gas. In order to maintain gut health, which plays an important role in bowel movements, weight control, blood regulation, and immune system function, it is mandatory to bring back beneficial bacteria into the gut.

  2. Kefir water has cancer prevention characteristics: One of the main causes of death around the world is cancer. When odd cells in the human body build beyond control, as can happen in a tumour. Based on an experiment, kefir can effectively treat a particular kind of cancer in rats. Research also shows an increase in the immune system following kefir drinking. Additionally, other studies have demonstrated a 56% decrease in cancers of the breast as a result of kefir usage. Thus, kefir is effective against cancer. Additionally, kefir contains bioactive substances that can directly affect cancerous cells, such as polysaccharides and proteins. They have the ability to stop mitosis and the spreading of cancer cells.

  3. Water kefir promotes a healthy liver:By minimising fatty liver illness, kefir can enhance the condition of the liver. When there is an increase in fat deposition in and around the liver, it will become fatty. Kefir may be able to lessen the buildup of cholesterol around the liver. By enhancing the digestion of lipids in the body, it can also reduce cholesterol and deposit excessive fat in the human body.

  4. Kefir water for skin wellness: Probiotics from kefir are essential for enhancing skin health. These beneficial bacteria support the skin's safeguards and stop the growth of other bacteria. It can encourage clearer skin and help in minimise imperfections. Additionally, it can help with skin irregularities like eczema, burns, and scarring.

  5. Kefir can strengthen bone health: The loss of bone tissue, nowadays a serious problem. Fracture risk is significantly increased and is particularly common among older people especially in women. The nutrients calcium and vitamin K2, which are both essential for strong bones, can be found in plenty in kefir water. While K2 aids in the absorption of calcium into our bones, calcium is ultimately responsible for maintaining the health of our bones. 120 mg of calcium, which is 20% of the daily required quantity, are present in 100 g of kefir.

  6. Kefir water helps regulate metabolism: Kefir contains minerals, vitamins. It aids in increasing metabolism. It leads to a reduction of body's excessive fat deposition. It promotes the removal of toxic substances and hazardous compounds from the body. The anti-inflammation, hypercholesterolemia, and probiotic properties of kefir work together to promote healthy and balanced weight loss.

  7. Kefir water is 100% vegan and free from GMOs: This is a dairy-free, GMO-free, and 100% vegan beverage that can be made at home using sugar water and water kefir grains. boosting gut health while minimizing intake of animal products.


In comparison to drinkable yoghurt, kefir is a nutritious fermented food that includes a lot of minerals, vitamins, and probiotics. It enhances the health of the heart, intestines, kidneys, liver, and skin, among other bodily functions. Additionally, it has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties. As a result, adding kefir to your daily routine might be good for your health. To get the most benefits from kefir water delightful, tangy beverage, start drinking right away.

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