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Temper Tantrums In Kids: Why, How To Deal With Them, And Remedies

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

Having temper tantrums in children may make you doubt your parental abilities, but tantrums are a common part of toddlerhood. When your child is having a tantrum, especially in public, it might be difficult to resist having an outburst yourself. Meltdowns are horrible, unpleasant things, but they're a part of growing up. 

temper tantrums in kids: why, how to deal with them, and remedies

What exactly are "temper tantrums"?

A temper tantrum is an unexpected display of emotional outburst through anger and displeasure by a youngster. Tantrums can be of two types: physical and verbal, or both. Your kid may act out, be annoying, or express undesirable actions. Kids usually show tantrums because they are interested in or want something that they cannot convey verbally.

Temper tantrums can include behaviours such as screaming and yelling, as well as kicking, striking, and biting. 

Why do temper tantrums happen to kids?

Child growth usually involves tantrums. Especially in kids aged 1-3. Tantrums can occur frequently for some children, while they do not for others. There are two main reasons behind temper tantrums in kids: they did not learn the right way to express themselves or they are suffering from any disorder that affects their behaviour.

There are some things that can increase the possibility of tantrums occurring in kids:

  1. Sometimes they're just hungry or thirsty.

  2. Toddlers find it difficult to express their feelings of tiredness.

  3. Your kid has too much stimulation.

  4. Your little child needs your focus.

  5. Many toddlers have tantrums because they are frustrated. Your little child needs your focus.

  6. Most importantly, they don't have adult-level brain development.

However, these tantrums are part of a kid's growth, but if the frequency of tantrums does not decrease, this could be because of other reasons like Autism, ADHD, anxiety, or mood disorders.


temper tantrums in kids: why, how to deal with them, and remedies

How do you deal with these temper tantrums?

The following tips can help you handle temper tantrums whenever they occur.

  1. Find out the root cause of the tantrum.

  2. Find a distraction for your child if you notice they are about to have a temper tantrum.

  3. Stay calm and try not to react by shouting at your child.

  4. Do not change your decisions to put a stop to your toddler's tantrums. If you have already said no, then don't reconsider it and say yes to stop your kid's meltdowns.

  5. Let them know you love and care for them, but not their behaviour.

  6. Help them find different ways to express their feelings, like letting them run around or shout in a large area like a park.

Remedies to reduce the frequency of temper tantrums in kids:

temper tantrums in kids: why, how to deal with them, and remedies

  1. Try to set a routine for your child and include some spiritual activities in it.

  2. Enroll them in extracurricular activities such as dance classes, painting classes, or music classes.

  3. Try to reduce or eliminate junk food from the kids diet.

  4. Encourage them to practice yoga on a daily basis.

  5. Use essential oils to reduce tantrums. Essential oil help in balance mood and gain self control.


Keep in mind that temper tantrums generally aren't a reason for concern, and they end on their own. You can reduce them by making some changes in their routine. Essential oils are also very effective in reducing these temper tantrums. If your child is hurting themselves or others or showing any other serious medical conditions, like fainting, then you should share your concern with an expert.

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