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Reasons To Choose Online Counseling Rather Than Offline For Autism, ADHD Children

If you're looking for a solution how to improve your child's speech, then this blog

will be helpful. As a parent of a child with limited access to verbal and non-verbal

communication, you might have noticed certain things :

  1. Shouts or screams

  2. Run all around making faces.

  3. Drag you all around, pointing to the desired object.

  4. In extreme cases of frustration pulling hair, biting and hitting may occur.

All these are struggles of children to express themselves, to catch your attention to their needs with limited words. After a certain stage, it's normal that a concerned parent approaches the doctor for a solution. At this point, usually, the terms like Autism, Apraxia or Global Developmental Delay are labelled and conventional speech therapy is recommended in most cases. Suppose on the day of the visit, the child is irritated or not in the right state of mind due to lack of sleep, hunger etc. There would be a high chance of resistance by the child during the session. This may mislead to give a lengthy report with recommendations which can be avoided.


What happens in conventional therapy is that, when your child doesn't respond to talks generally your child is introduced to pictorial communication, and sign language which is nowhere near to the spoken language. With this limited expressive speech even after months of attending the sessions, there will be little improvement seen in the ability to speak in the natural way of communication.

Advantages to choosing online counselling over offline therapy

  1. Offline therapy, requires you to travel to a therapist’s office for sessions. Many times the travel time to visit the therapist from your place would be tedious and tiresome. There are chances that tiredness of child reflect upon the sessions conducted.

  2. There might arise inconveniences in the time slots, your and session time may not match due to your work schedule.

  3. Another barrier is language especially if you are living in other parts of your country. This could be challenging to communicate with the therapist and conduct sessions.

  4. As we know since after outbreak of Coronavirus, how the world has shifted to the online platform to avoid the risk of getting infected. To be in a safer place, online counselling will be convenient during this pandemic time.

Instead of all of this, as a parent, you can train your child by adding real-world communication to the daily routine. Through guided activities, the child can improve their ability to speak in words rather than sign language.

This is my modern-day concept for both types of parents working or stay home parents. I have coached parents globally with an 85% success rate with quicker results. For further information, you can contact us to know how more about how to coach your child.

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