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Reason Behind Virtual Autism: Symptom & Treatment

Updated: Sep 9, 2023

In today's era, the screen has become an essential thing in our life. whether we want or not we have to become active on digital screens because everything is becoming digital in terms of payment, education, entertainment, etc. Children also become habitual to these screens like mobile or TV. They want these all the time even at the time of the meal. Exposure to these may lead to virtual autism. Virtual autism? You will definitely be wondering what virtual autism is. Is virtual Autism similar to ASD (Autism spectrum disorder)?


Let's discuss what virtual Autism is.

For better development, a child needs proper surrounding around them. Toddlers learn by exploring their surroundings by using the five senses touch, hearing, smell, seeing, and taste.

When we introduce digital screens to our toddlers excessively especially if a toddler is below the age of 2 that may lead to symptoms like ASD If we over-introduce TV, mobile, or laptop to a Child below the age of 3 may face problems related to behavior and communication.

We can say that the characteristics of ASD and Virtual Autism are quite similar.

How to identify if my child has virtual autism?

As we discussed characteristics of VA and autism spectrum disorder are similar. So it could be confusing for some whether it is virtual Autism or not. If you notice any symptoms like behavior issues or less social interaction or ignoring you. So you can try one thing you should cut off the exposure to screens because only overexposure to screens is the only cause behind virtual autism.

If you find symptoms are starting to fade off that means your toddler has virtual Autism.

If your child is diagnosed with virtual Autism that doesn't mean your child has a spectrum disorder. Just symptoms of both disorders are the same.

Is virtual Autism curable?

Yes, a significant rectification can be noticed in the symptoms. Symptoms start vanishing when child's screen time is stopped.

Indication of Virtual Autism:

  • Delay in speech

  • Facing problems in social interaction

  • Behavioral issues

  • Not responding properly

  • Hyperactivity

  • So many emotional swings

How much time did the toddler take to recover?

It totally depends on the toddlers' conditions and their surroundings. Because every child and their family is different. Hence it depends on effort.

How to treat virtual Autism?

  • 1 Totally eliminate screen time.

  • 2 Engage with your child in their activities.

  • 3 Encourage them to group play.

  • 4 Include physical activities in their schedule.

  • 5 keep them busy in some activities like taking them to the park, zoo, or beach or give them some games like board games, puzzles, etc.


Fully withdrawing technology from life is quite impossible but we can regulate it for sake of our children. There is no need of playing a blame game we just need a proper schedule that helps children to grow properly with a stronger relationship with you.

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