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6 Way to Boost Confidence in a Hyperactive Child

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Giving your child the gift of confidence can be the worth-full thing you can do as a parent. You can use these tips to boost confidence in a hyperactive child. But how to start? The first step is to understand that children with ADHD are impulsive and have a short span of attention, which can lead to low self-esteem. However, with the right guidance, your child can learn to cope with their ADHD and boost their confidence.


Here are 6 tips to get started:

1. Consistency is the key of parenting:

Whatever in your instructions or the routine you follow at home, consistency in your parenting helps your child with ADHD succeed in boosting confidence.

2. Providing Structured environment:

First of all, hyperactivity intensifies in a chaotic environment. To reduce this, the best thing you can do is to provide a structured environment, with flexible schedules and constant supervision.

3. Giving the task to complete in form of chunks:

Expecting a child with ADHD to complete a whole task in a single go is insensitive. To give a sense of calmness, you can divide the same amount of tasks into smaller chunks. Give a few minutes of break to stretch, hop around or do whatever they love to do. This ensures cooling down and being more productive in activities.

4. Allow fidgeting:

Allowing your child to fidget alongside engaging in a task which requires a lot of patience is a powerful way to boost the confidence, focus and attention of an ADHD child. Tools to fidget can be toys, pieces of cloth, fidget cubes etc.

5. Always give a reward for the accomplishments:

Give your child a reward for each activity accomplishment in regular time like a hug, fun activity etc. This indeed empowers hyperactive child.

6. Teach relaxation techniques:

To increase awareness, help your hyperactive child by teaching relaxation practices like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mindful meditation, yoga etc.


Implementing all these skills will require some time and experimentation. But it's worth seeing the best results in your child’s confidence. Start implementing and do share your experience in comment.

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