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4 Types Of Developmental Delays In Toddlers

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

When a kid is not able to achieve skills as per age milestones called Child's developmental delay. It could be in one or more than one areas. These delays could affect mental, emotional, physical, or behaviour skills.


What are age developmental milestones?

Experts set some milestones according to child's age and are expected to be achieved by toddlers their age to have. These milestones include skills like:

1 Smiling

2 rolling, sitting, and standing

3 waving like bye

4 babbling like mama, baba

But always remember that there is no strict timetable for these turning points. Children are different from each other so they recorded their milestones at different rates. That means if your kid is a little behind this is totally normal.

Types of developmental delays in kids:

1: Cognitive skills delay: these skills include how a child thinks, learns, and understands something. Children with this delay may not be able to communicate properly which means they also feel difficult to play with other children because of poor communication. They feel difficulty while following instructions or they are not able to respond quickly to instructions.

2: Speech delay: language or speech delays are quite common among children nowadays. Especially in nuclear setup families. In this case, children fail to express themselves verbally or feel difficulty while forming words during communication.

3: Motor skills delay: Into this children are not able to coordinate with muscles. Kids with this delay are not able to crawl or walk properly. They feel trouble while climbing the stairs. Or they are not able to hold small objects like toys.

4: Social behaviour delay: children who found difficulty while interacting with others may have social, emotional, or behavioral developmental delays. Kids may feel trouble while understanding social indications or have difficulty during conversation or feel uneasy when having any change in their schedule.

Common causes behind developmental delays in kids:

However, researchers are also not aware of many causes behind these delays but common reasons are:

1. It could be genetic.

2. Introduction to so many toxins before birth like alcohol

3. Premature birth of the child

4. Inferior nutrition or insufficient nutrition

5. Had to face extreme trauma during upbringing. In this child abuse is also included.

6. After birth there is so much Exposure to toxins like lead.

What to do if my child is facing developmental delays?

If you found your child had any developmental delays, you should opt for early intervention as soon as you notice these milestones delays. Early intervention can prevent any long-term delays in your child.

for an early intervention you can fill our developmental assessment for get a insight about your child development. Please keep it in mind that these assessments are just to get a roughly idea about your child development, result is not a final conclusion. For final conclusion you can consult with us personally.


Developmental delays could happen with any toddler but it is necessary that you should identify them and start working on them before it takes any big face. Do you want to know more about these Developmental delays, how to identify them how to tackle them, and how to prevent them join our webinar on "Child's developmental delays" and get full guidance on it.

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