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Helping my patients is the reason I get up in the morning and I’m happy to be able to provide them with the best health services. Read on to find out all the wonderful things my clients have to say about working with an experienced Family Counselor, and get in touch with me today to schedule your appointment.

We are from the Netherlands. We are receiving behavior, speech and detox therapy from "Solicitude parenting by Ritu Jain" for our 2 years old daughter. We are doing online sessions with Ritu Mam. We have seen amazing results in just 1.5 months. Initially, We were really worried about the developmental delays. Ritu mam supported us very well. We see a lot of improvements in our daughter in her behavior as well as in speech in few weeks only. I recommend her to all parents worried about developmental delays of their child. Thank you for great work and support.


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Services I Offer

I am facilitating Parents as well as Individual (Adults) with Personalized Care and Guidance.

Psychologist for Children

Nonverbal , Receptive or Communication, Stuttering/Stammering or clarity of voice for kids starting with 1.5yrs till the age of 14 years.

Empowering adults in their relationship. Giving guidance to parents with aggression or regression in kids , tantrums or frequent meltdowns , disobedience or refusal behavior, concentration or focus  and  conflict between sibling due to age gap or being more dominating and many more.

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Among Autistic and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) kids like Oral, Touch, Smell, Visual Sensory Processing disorder.

When a myriad of emotions hit parents how to tackle situations to raise children with love and mindfullness  as "connection always comes first" then correction in child . Single parenting with special needs children, Helping new moms for handling newborn and their proper milestones .

Kindergarten Classroom

From 2 years till 6 years, Improving Handwriting skills and communication Skill, Personality Development, Story Telling, Fine & Gross motor skills and Improving Creativity in kids with one to one sessions and no pre-recorded videos.

Correction for better & healthy life which is time tested and ancient old techniques to balance body clock .

Stretch Coach

Gut Health among special need kids like leaked or inflamed Gut as well as for adults with symptoms like Diabetes, PCOD/PCOS, infertility, High BP (holistic ways), depression (suicidal or withdrawal thoughts).

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Working on Anxiety and Stress among adults, adolescent and kids (separation Anxiety)

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Green Juice Prep

Detoxification of heavy metals, toxins and immunotoxins via Natural Ways.

Products I Recommend
Kefir Water
Bilona Ghee
Bilona Desi Cow Ghee
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